Its over!

Today was a great day not only did my little guy turn 1! but the fast is over and I got to eat! I had eggs and fruit in the morning. Mexican lunch with Mary, and finished the day with a small supper. I have to tell you this 10 day fast was not my thing. I will admit there were personal insights gained and some weight was lost but overall it was awful. Most people who fast will tell you that after about half way through they started to feel really great, their mind was clearer, and they were even sleeping better…this did not happen for me. Here’s the run down of how I felt:
Day 1: Hit but a train, by far the WORST day
Day 2: Better than Day 1 but starting to miss coffee
Day 3-5: Ok (not good, not bad, just annoyed that I can’t eat)
Day 6: I really missed eating
Day 7: This is the day I was supposed to start feeling so great…nope
Day 8-10: Let’s just get this over with

I did learn that:
I eat when: I’m bored, I’m tired, and sometimes for no reason
When I was counting calories I wasn’t actually counting everything I put in my mouth
I don’t need to eat every meal like it’s my last and there will always be more cookies and cake

So, I’ve decided not to just try to eat healthier but I’ve made some small steps to actually make it happen:
Make a weekly menu (stop last minute “not thought about” meals)
Eat meat only 1-2 times a week

I know that nothing’s perfect but I want to be better, not just for myself but for my whole family.


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