In bed by 10 or you’ll feel it tomorrow

I have been very tired lately. I could ramble on about how being a mom can be exhausting (it is by the way) but I don’t think that’s the reason for my tiredness.

You see I am naturally a night person. I really love the late hours of the night after everyone else is fast asleep. I don’t need to stay up until 2 am but I would settle for midnight. In reality I could stay up this late but my little buddy seems to be like daddy and love the morning. No matter how hard I try that little bug will not sleep on his own past 6:00 am.

When Steve is home he teases me a little because by 9 I’m already thinking about going to bed and I usually get there by 9:30 or 10 pm. Although I do feel more rested I can’t help but long for those night time hours to be back in my life. I also think I’m more tired because I’m going against the way I’m naturally wired. I’m not very productive in the morning and I’ve created some of my best work past 10 pm.

I’m not sure what the real answer is but for now its early to bed and early to rise coffee included.


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