It only took 15 years


Yes, I have loved Hanson since MmmBop. I finally got to see them live last Thursday at the Au Natural Alice concert. It was so much fun and it all happened thanks to my friend Sarah! Its kind of a long story so here we go:

The concert was sold out in 11 minutes and even though I set my alarm early to buy tickets my little Wyatt was quite the distraction so I forgot. I was upset but it still felt like there might be a chance to either get tickets on Craigslist or win them on the radio. I did get through to the station multiple times on multiple days, one day I was caller 100 and they were looking for caller 105, close but not close enough. Last Tuesday, my friend Sarah was in my office and I interrupted her and said “Sorry, but I have concert tickets to win” so she decided on a whim to help me call in. Guess what!? Sarah got through and was caller 105!!! I could NOT believe it. Since Sarah was the actual winner I told her she had until the end of the day to decide if she wanted to go with me. 😀  She told me at lunch that she checked out the bands and she wasn’t really interested. She was more excited to babysit Wyatt. I asked my friend Mary if she wanted to go and she was in. It was such a great night! Mary and grabbed a bite to eat and then enjoyed a night full of music; Andy Grammer, Parachute, Default, and Hanson.

Side note: I will say that I got a little bit of crap for loving Hanson so much and I know it’s mostly because a lot of people don’t know anything beyond MmmBop. It also may be because when I was at the concert I saw 21+  year old women run to the stage and turn into 13 year olds when they took the stage. It was so weird. I feel like I’ve grown with Hanson as apposed to reverting back to who I was when I first loved them. I imagine that a Backstreet Boys concert would have a similar effect 😀


One response to “It only took 15 years

  1. Mary

    I had so much fun! Thanks for bringing me! MmmmBop!

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