Productive unproductiveness

I have found that I am a master at being productive and unproductive at the exact same time. For example, I should be cleaning the house for when Steve comes home tomorrow but instead I have decided to blog and finish some crafts. I must really not want to clean because usually I clean to avoid starting a mess in the craft area. I have been feeling pretty creative lately so I’d like to go with it. Can someone tell the bills on the counter and the unvacuumed floors to quit yelling for my attention? I promise after lunch I will devote all my love to them…as much love as one can devote to responsible grown-up tasks.

Another example of my productive unproductiveness is signing up for sewing classes. Now most people would think that I would be looking at childbirth classes but you know what I’ve been trying to teach myself to sew and its becoming more apparent that its more of a hands on kind of learning. Giving birth on the other hand isn’t really something I can experience before I do it. I’m such an “in the moment” kind of person. I joked with Kora that I’ll probably be reading a book about childbirth while in the hospital having contractions 😀


One response to “Productive unproductiveness

  1. isn’t it funny how we find other things to do instead of what we “should be” doing. i’m glad to hear it led you in a creative direction.
    you’re blog is written well, keep at it!

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