Back it up from now on..duh

The last 3 days put me a hold for awhile. On Tuesday morning my computer would only give me a blue screen (insert nervous laughter). Yes, I admit I had dropped it on Monday night and I know everybody says this but it barely slipped out of hands and it was like 2 inches. Anyway, I sent it in and I of course while I was waiting to hear what needed to be fixed and get a quote, I was preparing for worst case scenario. I already started trying to figure out what to do if I would have to purchase a new computer. Luckily I have an amazing husband who understands that his pregnant wife needed only supportive words.

Well, I am happy to report that all it needed was a new hard drive and they were able to retrieve my work. As of today, I am posting from my computer and it looks exactly like it did before the scary blue screen made its appearance. I have been reminded in a very real way that backing up my work at the end of every day is no longer an option. I may even be purchasing an additional external hard drive and start DVD back ups as well. Ahhh, nothing like a mini panic to enforce some good ol’discipline and bring reality into perspective.


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