Focus on someting new

The beginning of this week started with a need for faith. I know that God has ultimate control but His timing never ceases to amaze me. It all started on Monday. Steve and I decided to participate in our church’s 3 day fast (Monday – Wednesday). Since being pregnant makes fasting food pretty impossible I fasted TV instead. I know for most people this wouldn’t be a challenge but for me….well let’s just say I have a love/hate relationship with TV. In some ways it fills the silence and keeps me company and in other ways I can waste countless hours watching complete garbage. I was honestly frustrated at how hard this was for me. Steve will tell you by Monday night I was already complaining about my boredom and asked him what I should do. I was literally lost, the idea of reading a book seriously never came to me in that moment. Needless to say he had to get me out of the house and we went to Barnes and Noble. I found a book about how to be creative and depending on how good it is I may post about it later. Tuesday was a much easier day because I worked most of the day. Steve was at work and although the silence was nice it also made me realize even more that I was alone. Wednesday was about the same as Tuesday. It didn’t really get easier, but kind of. All in all I am proud to say that I made it.

What did I learn? You’ve probably already guessed it but here it is, the TV needs to be off more often and I need to become more self-reliant on entertainment. In those 3 days, I found myself reading, praying and journaling and it felt rewarding and made me happy. I know that for most people this is all common sense but let’s be honest; most of us are guilty of having something in our life that takes our focus and keeps us from doing what we really want.


One response to “Focus on someting new

  1. Sarah Hoving

    I can relate to that as a challenge and a blessing! Love u Nicole!

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